Release notes for SentiVeillance 6.0 SDK

List of releases:

See also the list of release notes for previous versions.

May 11, 2017

Product revision: 164958

  • Fixed issues when FaceQuality Threshold was not used.
  • Fixed memory leak in SurveillanceSampleWX SurveillanceView.
  • Added age and other attributes generalization on disapeared events.
  • Added GPU index property.
  • Updated face tracking to improve performance with low fps count.
  • Updated GStreamer communication to avoid hangs on errors.
  • Updated documentation (system requirements, instructions on Linux)

March 21, 2017

Product revision: 162635

The first release of SentiVeillance 6.0 SDK.

  • A new state of the art face detection algorithm, making the system's performance almost entirely driven by the performance of deep neural networks, ensuring generalization capability to a variety of different screening conditions.
  • Much faster system than can process 10 streams on a single computer with a GPU. Even greater speeds can be achieved with a slight decrease in accuracy.