Release notes for MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0

List of releases:

See also the list of release notes for previous versions.

February 12, 2018

Product revision: 175129

IMPORTANT: Do not upgrade Debian packages from previous major line 9.0. Instead, create a backup of database, cleanly install the new version, and finally restore the backup.

  • Fixed some UI issues in the Web Config.
  • Fixed a number of other small issues.
  • Added 'Force small fingers template' configuration parameter to use small fingerprint templates in memory (not changing templates stored on disk).
  • Improved accuracy of large fingerprint matching.
  • Updated insallation support with more Debian versions, including Debian 9.X.
  • Updated statistics to show more details for performance diagnostics.

October 26, 2017

Product revision: 171506

  • Fixed issue with fingerprint matching details not filled properly.
  • Fixed crash when deleting lots of accelerated faces.
  • Fixed WebConfig exhausting sockets when left open for many hours.
  • Fixed a number of small issues.

July 27, 2017

Product revision: 168493

  • Fixed offline installer. The installer still shows a message that it cannot connect to the Internet, but it can be safely closed.
  • Fixed issues with parallel servers not starting to apply events in some cases.
  • Fixed a number of small issues.
  • Restored UI to edit secondary server configurations.

July 13, 2017

Product revision: 167979

  • Fixed issue with obtaining too many licenses if single dongle serves multiple systems.
  • Fixed issue with display status in WebConfig when not all modalities are present.
  • Restored secondary servers configuration in WebConfig.

June 21, 2017

Product revision: 166833

The first release of MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0.

  • New edition: MegaMatcher Accelerator Extreme. New MegaMatcher Accelerator Extreme edition is introduced which allows to achieve up to 10x identification performance increase and up to 4x database capacity increase (comparing to previous version top configuration) to meet the most demanding requirements.
  • Improved biometric algorithms. Improved fingerprint matching algorithm (better quality with Speed Level 1, better speed with Speed Level 8).
  • Improved parallel server configuration. Reworked replication allows a lot easier and more reliable connection of servers to parallel systems. Now once database is replicated, the MMA is automatically synchronized without additional configuration. New scenarios become possible, such as connecting more than two servers in replication chain or more complex topology. Previously used complex parallel server configurations are longer supported. In case upgrading from previous version of MMA where parallel servers were setup, it is needed to reconfigure to use the new method.
  • New RESTful administration API. Now all the functionality available for administrator from WebConfig is also exposed through RESTful API for programmatic access. This allows new automation and integration with other systems scenarios. The API covers full range of available administration operations and replaces very limited NCluster API.
  • NCluster API is now deprecated. For biometric operations, NBiometricClient should be used. For administrative operations, the new RESTful API should be used.
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