NCheck Bio Attendance

Face, fingerprint & iris biometrics for attendance management

An end-user biometric system designed to automate attendance control in a wide range of business applications, from employee time tracking to check-in at events, clubs, clinics, public and commercial facilities.

Designed for installation on a desktop computer or laptop or tablet (PC) that is running under Microsoft Windows. Also can be used on Android-based smartphones or tablets.


  • This document is effective July 13, 2016.
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  • Fingerprint scanners can be ordered at Biometric Supply, a subsidiary of Neurotechnology.
NCheck Bio Attendance single computer licenses
QuantityPrice per license
1-9€ 95.00
10-19€ 69.00
20-49€ 62.00
50-99€ 54.00
100-199€ 48.00
200 and morePlease contact us for more information
License management
USB dongle (optional)€ 16.00